GPD G1 eGPU Docking Station Review

GPD G1 eGPU Docking Station Review

Discover the power of the GPD G1 eGPU Docking Station – an all-in-one, compact, and portable solution with impressive performance boosts and multiple connectivity options. Read our full review!

WIN Mini 2024 Review

GPD WIN Mini 2024 Review

The GPD WIN Mini 2024 Review highlights its excellent performance, portability, and improved features, making it a top choice for handheld gaming PCs.

GPD WIN Max 2 2024 Review

GPD WIN Max 2 2024 Review

Explore the GPD WIN MAX 2 2024, a powerful handheld gaming PC with the new AMD Ryzen 8840U, enhanced performance, and versatile features. Discover its unboxing, benchmarks, and final thoughts in our review!

GPD WIN 4 Review

GPD WIN 4 2024 Review

Discover the GPD WIN 4 2024 with AMD Ryzen 8840U, a high-performance handheld gaming PC. Read our in-depth review for unboxing details, benchmarks, and gaming performance insights!

Review of the GPD P2 Max

GPD P2 MAX 2022: Unboxing and First Impressions

Unboxing Upon opening the package, you’ll find the GPD P2 MAX 2022, which we’ll examine in more detail shortly. The user guide is also included, with both Chinese and English instructions. In addition to the USB Type-C charging cable, the box contains a charger with the appropriate plug for your country. Overview The GPD P2 […]

Image showing the GPD WIN Max 2 Review

GPD WIN MAX 2 2022 Review

Let’s explore the GPD WIN MAX 2 AMD Handheld Gaming PC and put it through its paces to see whether it’s the ultimate Ultrabook for Gaming

gpd win 4 review image @ GPD | PC Gaming Handhelds & Mini Laptops

GPD WIN 4 2022 Review

The GPD WIN 4 2022 Gaming Handheld PC is a powerful device inspired by the designs of the Sony PSP and Vita. Its clear shoulder buttons, D-pad, and gaming buttons, along with the hand strap hole in the corner, reflect the influences of these popular gaming consoles. Powered by the AMD Ryzen 7 6800U processor […]